“Since its inception in 2003, the Meatless Monday movement has taken root in over 40 countries and now includes Meat Free Monday, Green Monday, and adaptations in 22 different languages. The movement to skip meat once a week continues to grow as more and more people are finding innovative ways to make meatless dishes part of their everyday culture, customs, and cuisine.”  WHAT IF WE COULD DO THE SAME FOR A MEATLESS EVERY DAY campaign? WE CAN!


It’s time to step up the narrative and PLEDGE TO GO MEATLESS EVERY DAY! With all the amazing 🌱plant based food 🌱companies and options out there, there is no reason at all to consume animal based products! In fact setting aside only one day a week to go meatless will not help move the needle at all to end climate change or animal cruelty that is happening on a mass scale!


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